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Sony Ericsson PC Card Modem Script

  GC95 testers wanted – please help to improve.

Q.:  Requirements
A.:  – Sony Ericsson GC75, GC75e, GC82, GC83 or GC85
– Mac OS or Mac OS X Version 10.2.8, 10.3.9, 10.4.11
– PowerBook 2400, 3400, G3 or a G4 with either 15" or 17" display

Q.:  What about EDGE ?
A.:  A Sony Ericsson PC Card chooses either EDGE or the slower GPRS depending signal reception quality. Because the settings are the same, do not worry about this.

Q.:  Neither EDGE nor GPRS work in Mac OS X, why ?
A.:  Early Sony Ericsson firmwares had a bug which got fixed. Please update your PC Card for free on a Windows notebook.

Q.:  Why makes this PC Card such a noise sometimes ?
A.:  The PowerBook speaker is not shielded enough, unfortunately.

Q.:  What are the costs ?
A.:  Free, nevertheless when you like my scripts, you could buy a copy of GSM Remote.

Q.:  Do you have other modem scripts ?
A.:  No. Have a look at the official Sony Ericsson GC86, GC89 and PC300 support. For other devices, please, try one of the modem scripts of Ross Barkman.