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Q.:  What is FlashSMS ?
A.:  Some call it FlashSMS or AlertSMS, officially it is called Class0 SMS. If you get a standard SMS you see ‘One SMS received’ on the display. FlashSMS displays the text directly on the screen.
  1. write a SMS to the SIM via phone menu
  2. connect via terminal emulation to the phone (as described before)
  5. all unsent SMS appear in PDU mode; the third number is the length of the SMS
  6. copy the SMS to the clipboard which shall be the FlashSMS
  7. paste it in a text editor
  8. change the 17th symbol (the DataCodingSheme octet) from ‘0’ to ‘F’
  9. copy it back to clipboard
  10. AT+CMGW=xxx (xxx=length of SMS see: 5.) ENTER
  11. paste content of the clipboard to the actual position in the terminal emulation
  12. type control-Z
  13. quit the terminal session
  14. Now you can forward the SMS to any one else via the phone menu. The SMS stays on the SIM, on some phones you can even change the content when you select forward and then edit the SMS.