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Subject Name (CN)  Legacy Root (CN) Expires
Comodo, Comodo RSA, AAA, USERTrust RSA → AddTrust External  2020 May
Network Solutions  UTN-USERFirst  → AddTrust External  2020 May
WoSign  UTN-DATACorp  → AddTrust External  2020 May
DigiCert Trusted G4  DigiCert Global  Baltimore CyberTrust  2025 May
DigiCert High Assurance EV  Baltimore CyberTrust  2025 May
Entrust G2, EC1  Entrust  2024 Sep
Entrust L1K  Entrust.net (2048)  → Entrust.net  2019 Mar
GlobalSign R2, R3  → GlobalSign (R1)  2028 Jan
SERCOM 2  SERCOM  → ValiCert Class 1  2019 Jun
Go Daddy G2  Go Daddy Class 2  → ValiCert Class 2  2019 Jun
Starfield G2  Starfield Class 2  → ValiCert Class 2  2019 Jun
RSA Security 2048 v3  RSA Security 1024 v1  → ValiCert Class 3 
IdenTrust Commercial 1  → DST X3  2021 Sep
T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2  → Deutsche Telekom 2  2019 Jul
T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 3  → Deutsche Telekom 2  2018 Oct

Another view: SSL-Tools. Do not expect help from CAs, because they do not like cross certs but their own root as anchor. I buy just such certificates which chain to an anchor in the third row. For DV, I go for RapidSSL Standard, which resolves to DigiCert Global and CyberTrust. For EV, I add ECDSA via Comodo which resolves to AddTrust External.