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Q.:  I get an unknown-issuer warning. How do I solve this ?
A.:  If you are an webservice administrator, please, proceed there …
If you are an end-user:
 A)  If you are using Nokia Series 40, please, continue there …
 B)  Take your mobile phone, open its browser, and go for www.traud.de/ta
There, you find 48 self-signed certificate authorities (roots). I recommend to install all of them, because this solves not only your current issue but fixes other webpages you might encounter in the future. Double-check their fingerprints …

Q.:  Am I affected: Which warning message should my mobile phone show ?
Android Browser There are problems with the security certificate for this site. This certificate is not from a trusted authority. → View certificate → Issued by → Common name
Android Chrome The site's security certificate is not trusted! the server presented a certificate issued by an entity that is not trusted → tab padlock icon → Certificate Information → ISSUED BY → CN
BlackBerry 7 The security of this connection cannot be verified. → Details → Unable to determine the certificate's origin → Issuer → CN=
Nokia Series 40 Security info, Issuer unknown (OU; no help to find the issuer)
Symbian OS Service m.here.com has sent a certificate that is not trusted. → Options → Certificate details → Issuer (first part is CN)
Windows Phone 7  It looks like the security certificate wasn't issued by a trusted certificate authority. (no help to find the issuer)

Q.:  My CA is not listed, where can I get it ?
A.:  The free tool OpenSSL helps us …