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Subject Name (CN)  Fingerprint (SHA-1) 
(DigCert) Baltimore CyberTrust  D4DE20D0 5E66FC53 FE1A5088 2C78DB28 52CAE474
DigiCert Global  A8985D3A 65E5E5C4 B2D7D66D 40C6DD2F B19C5436
DigiCert High Assurance EV  5FB7EE06 33E259DB AD0C4C9A E6D38F1A 61C7DC25
DST X3 (IdenTrust DAC9024F 54D8F6DF 94935FB1 732638CA 6AD77C13
Entrust  B31EB1B7 40E36C84 02DADC37 D44DF5D4 674952F9
Entrust.net (2048)  50300609 1D97D4F5 AE39F7CB E7927D7D 652D3431
GlobalSign R1  B1BC968B D4F49D62 2AA89A81 F2150152 A41D829C
GlobalSign R2  75E0ABB6 13851227 1C04F85F DDDE38E4 B7242EFE
(Go Daddy) Go Daddy Class 2  2796BAE6 3F1801E2 77261BA0 D7777002 8F20EEE4
(Go Daddy) Starfield Class 2  AD7E1C28 B064EF8F 60034020 14C3D0E3 370EB58A
(Sectigo) AddTrust External  02FAF3E2 91435468 60785769 4DF5E45B 68851868
(Sectigo) UTN-Hardware  0483ED33 99AC3608 058722ED BC5E4600 E3BEF9D7

Instead listing all trust-anchors (Mozilla, Microsoft, Google (115 kB), or Apple), here this list aims to catch more than 95% of the secure sites on the Internet with less than 32 certificates installed. Useful for embedded devices which limit certificates. You install all of this page here, of the SHA-2 page, and go just for those certificates of your region.
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