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Subject Name (CN)  Fingerprint (SHA-1) 
DigiCert Global G3  7E04DE89 6A3E666D 00E687D3 3FFAD93B E83D349E
Entrust EC1  20D80640 DF9B25F5 12253A11 EAF7598A EB14B547
GlobalSign R4  6969562E 4080F424 A1E7199F 14BAF3EE 58AB6ABB
GlobalSign R5  1F24C630 CDA418EF 2069FFAD 4FDD5F46 3A1B69AA
(Sectigo) Comodo ECC  9F744E9F 2B4DBAEC 0F312C50 B6563B8E 2D93C311
(Sectigo) USERTrust ECC  D1CBCA5D B2D52A7F 693B674D E5F05A1D 0C957DF0

Same as with SHA-2-only chains, ECDSA-only chains are not trusted by many trust stores. Those ECDSA trust-anchors were supported by iOS 9. Sectigo was added with iOS 10.
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