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Q.:  How do I connect to a phone ?
A.:  First of all, you need a physical connection to the phone, like via data cable, PC Card (PCMCIA), Infrared (IrDA), or Bluetooth. The phone should have an internal modem, otherwise you need a software modem (e.g. Nokia Data Suite) or a PC Card adapter (e.g. Option cards). I recommend to buy a Bluetooth capable phone. Usually, those offer an internal hardware modem (e.g. Sony Ericsson Hazel).

Q.:  I own a Mac OS computer, how do I connect that cable ?
A.:  For RS-232 cables, Mac OS users need a standard ‘Macintosh modem cable’ and a ‘25-pin (female) to 9-pin (male) converter’ [2 Euro]. If you have USB buy an ‘USB to serial adapter’, and the above cable/adapter combination, too. Using a direct USB cable depends on your luck because any USB device needs a software driver. Although Mac OS ships with a USB CDC ACM driver, not all USB devices on the market follow this specification. To use IrDA, you need at least Mac OS 8.6. The remote of recent Apple computers does not use IrDA.

Q.:  How do I send AT commands ?
A.:  With Terminal emulation tools like HyperTerminal (Windows), PuTTY (Windows and UNIX), or ZTerm (Mac OS). Open a serial connection to the port where the phone is attached to. Settings:
Data Rate: 
19200 baud (for most phones)
Data Bits: 
Stop Bits: 
Software Flow Control: