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Q.:  I want to read the phone book !
A.:  This is an example of my Nokia 7110, your results can vary a lot. See 3GPP TS 27.007 for full explanation. However, near to all commands are optional. When you get an ERROR, it might not be your fault. Bold commands are the one you type in and have to end with an ENTER. The rest are the results and an explanation.

+CPBS: ("ME","SM","FD","ON","EN","MC","DC","RC")
These are the supported values for the +CPBS command of your phone. If you want the phonebook in the internal phone storage send:
You want the SIM phonebook use SM instead of ME. Now send
+CPBR: (1-100),20,8
The first number is the range of entries which this storage supports, here 1 to 100 entries.
Try to understand character sets. Otherwise special chars get lost. When offered, use UTF-8 or UCS2 and fall back to GSM otherwise. Implementaions are very buggy.
The result is a list with numbers and their names. If your storage supports another range of entries enter that, for example: 1,500 or 1,80. It can take a while until all information is loaded, be patient.