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Q.:  I want to know all standard ETSI commands, fast !
First look up this list of standard commands where are a lot of mobile phones scanned already. If yours is not listed, scan it with my GSM/UMTS script within GSM Remote (Mac OS).

Q.:  I want to know the extended AT commands set !
  1. Make sure there could be something like an extended AT command set. This is mostly true if a PC sync application of your mobile phone company supports features which are not available within ETSI (like calendar, melodies or WAP).
  2. Download this application and install it. Now look up all big files, even the hidden ones and open them within a word processor – perhaps you have to change the ending from ‘.exe’ to ‘.txt’. Then search the whole file for ‘at’. If you find something which looks like an unknown AT command then you won.
  3. Try to determine the namespace of the manufacturer: For example Ericsson uses a ‘*’ and ‘E’ at the beginning of each command. Without this two characters scanning makes nearly no sense.
  4. Now use one of the above AT command scanner and search within that namespace. Please begin with ‘A’ and end with ‘ZZZ’ this is mostly enough. To make it sure go up to ‘ZZZZ’. This will take around eight hours depending on the speed of your mobile phone – not all phones react at the same speed even if computer to mobile speed is the same.
  5. Search the Internet about the commands found.
  6. This won’t be easy, if you do it alone. I love to help. Alternatively, you monitor the PC application of your phone and the commands exchanged.