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Q.:  I have a Siemens mobile phone with internal modem which is not listed ?
A.:  There are Chinese versions with different product names like the S3588i which is a S35i. Below are all documentations I know. If you have a GSM data adapter you have to search Siemens’ web pages.

Siemens Platform

25 – Siemens S25 – Bosch 908, 909 Dual, 909 Dual S
Siemens S40 (not official)
35 – Siemens C35i/M35i/S35i
45 – Siemens ME45/S45
55 – Siemens M55/SL55/S55 > Tools & Docs > Mobile Phones > Document Center > General Developer Documentation.
There are tools for Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) development, Over-The-Air service (OTA-SMS) and EMS documents, too.
65 – Siemens M75

is for custom ringtones, logos and vCards; again there is more to discover.

Additional information:
IrMC Level 4 is supported since Siemens S45i.
– Siemens’ binary protocol for cable connections: BFB and BFC.
OBEX (IrMC, Folder Browsing) works without BFB since platform 55.
– Documentation for the Siemens Wireless modules

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