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Q.:  Are there any newer manufacturer independent sync protocols ?
A.:  IrMC 1.1 is the standard in Bluetooth, IrDA, and can be used via data cable, too. The Bluetooth Qualification lists most Bluetooth devices with IrMC Level 4. The IrDA profiles of a device may give a hint but often these IrDA profiles are wrong or incomplete. When you find other GSM phones or have a question please tell me.

IrMC is based on OBEX. IrMC Level 1 is not much more than basic object push. Level 2 allows to retrieve a full database (phonebook or calendar) with one command. Level 3 allows to access each data record in the database individually. Level 4 allows a full automatic synchronisation to exchange only those entries which changed since the last sync. If Level 4 is supported also Level 2 and maybe Level 3 is supported. Support for Level 3 is not very common.

Although IrMC is used in IrDA and Bluetooth as the standard data synchronisation protocol (SYNCH), IrMC 1.1 is the last version because the protocol is given up. Many implementations do not recognise the various official approved errata for IrMC 1.1 which reduce OBEX command chattiness. The latest errata which is available only for IrDA members introduces IrMC Level 5 which is based on the successor SyncML DS …

IrMC Level 4
Alcatel OT 756
Broadcom BTW, BTWM
– LG Electronics KS20
– Motorola Q 9h
Gigaset SL56
Huawei U535
– Fisio 820
all newer models

Sharp 770SH / 550SH
– S45i (via BFB)
– 55 platform
– 65 platform
– 75 platform
Sony Ericsson
– R320
– R520 / T39
all newer models
IrMC Level 3
…more details
†via FTP and serial port