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Q.:  What is OMA SyncML DS ?
OMA DS 1.1 over OBEX
A.:  Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization (OMA DS) uses SyncML which is an application of XML. To save bandwidth and heap memory, XML documents are reduced to WBXML. SyncML works over HTTP and OBEX. HTTP is used for remote synchronisation with a server on the Internet. OBEX is used locally via Bluetooth, IrDA and data cables. Not all SyncML devices support HTTP and OBEX. In OMA DS 1.1 the computer (OMA DS server; OBEX client) starts the sync via a Server Alerted Sync which is outlined in chapter 12 of the Data Sync Protocol 1.1 (Example: XML, WBXML). In SyncML 1.2 an new concept called Server Alerted Notification (SAN) is introduced which is incompatible to the OMA DS 1.1 way.
OMA DS Bluetooth profiles are not qualified by the Bluetooth SIG and yet no device on the market includes the correct IrDA profiles, so you have to try and guess if a device supports SyncML over OBEX. In most cases the phone supports SyncML over HTTP only. When you find other GSM phones or have a question please tell me.
Although IrMC is the standard for data synchronisation in IrDA and Bluetooth, OMA DS is the future of mobile data synchronisation. Further and up to date information …
Series 40
all MMS+SMIL models
Series 60 2nd Edition
except Nokia 6600
Series 80
– Maemo/MeeGo
Motorola Linux
Motorola K1/Z3/L7e
Pantech GU-1100
Sagem myX6-2
Sanyo S750i
Samsung SGH-D500
Siemens BREW
Sony Ericsson JP-2 …
OMA DS 1.2 over OBEX
Broadcom BTW
LG KM900
Nokia Series 40 5th
Nokia S60 3rd Edition
Siemens 75
Sony Ericsson JP-6 …
Sony Ericsson UIQ 3†
†supports SAN only