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Q.:  What is MAP of Bluetooth SIG ?
A.:  The Message Access Profile (MAP) allows to read SMS, MMS, Email, send, and notify about new messages. What is the difference to older standards like 3GPP TS 27.005, IrMC, or SyncML DS? Most of the implementations of these standards were buggy and some completely unusable.

MAP is based on OBEX. Each Email account offers its own service. Each SIM (SMS and MMS) offers it own service. Not all devices support Email and MMS via MAP, some offer SMS only.

With a Symbian^3 (Nokia Anna) device, you have to go to their online store. Since Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1, MAP is included in the firmware. If you own a Nokia N9(50), you need at least PR1.2. In Windows Mobile, it depends on the manufacturer and his Bluetooth software stack. In BlackBerry, MAP was added in late OS 5; unfortuantely not all models do get MAP even with OS 6. In Android, MAP depends on the manufacturer and its Bluetooth software stack; for example, the Samsung Galaxy S, W, and R series offer it since the Samsung i9100. Some Androids of HTC, LG, and Motorola offer MAP as well. Samsung added MAP with Bada 2, in Gumi 2G since 2012.
Google Android
– LG
– Motorola
– Samsung
e.g. Samsung i9100 (Galaxy S2; SGS2)

HP webOS since 2.0

MediaTek Bluetooth 4.0

Symbian^3 (Qual)

RIM BlackBerry
9105 (Qual)
– …

Samsung S5220 (Gumi)
Samsung Bada since 2.0

Windows Mobile 6.5
– Samsung B6520
– Samsung B7350