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Q.:  Does Samsung support OMA SyncML DS over OBEX ?
A.:  Not anymore. In the year 2009, all platforms removed their support for OMA DS and use a Samsung specific protocol, over OBEX. You use the AT command interface on USB CDC, IrDA IrCOMM, and Bluetooth DUN. Samsung offers several platforms and protocols. Italic phone models are confirmed. All other models are guesswork.
A-D. Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, LiMo, or Android which are not discussed here.
E. Teleca SyncML Client (Suwon 2.5G): AT+CPROT=0 starts OBEX server, limits are
– Final OBEX PUT must have no (end of) body header.
– Database paths are fixed: XML, WBXML.
PC Sync 2: D500 (confirmed), E340, E350, E370, E730, X500, X640, X670
PC Studio 3: D600 (confirmed), D820, D900, E380, E780, T309, T709, T809, X700, …
F. WebSync WiDESYNC II (Gumi): Server Alerted Sync is not supported. OMA DS server listens for an OBEX connect on the AT command interface and user starts the OMA DS client: Samsung > Menu > (Organizer + Extras) > Applications > PIM sync.
WiDESYNC II: E530/E568, E620/E628 (confirmed), E720/E728, E720i/S410i, P300/P308, Z130
G. WebSync WiDESYNC III (Gumi, Suwon 3G): Uses the same AT command as Mobile Leader, you have to leave out the commas: AT+SyncML=4061062063064
PC Sync 2: Z500, ZM60; PC Studio 3: D347, D357, D520, D830, D840, E770, E860, E870, E900, F480, S500i, S7330 (confirmed), T609, U700 (confirmed), X800, X810, X820 (confirmed), Z150, Z310, Z320i, Z400 (confirmed), Z510, Z540, Z560, ZV30, …
H. WebSync WiDESYNC IV: AT+SyncML=MOBEXSTART (Gumi 2.5G) or AT+CPROT=0 (Suwon 2.5G) starts OBEX server:
– First OBEX PUT must have an non-empty body (and no end of) header
– Database paths are fixed and are different from Teleca: XML, WBXML.
Gumi (PBAP-PSE enabled SGH phones): U600, E950, … today: no OBEX, again AT+
Suwon 2.5G (SAP+BPPv1.2): G600, J700, F110, L310, J150, … , S5200, …
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