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Q.:  Does Nokia Series 40 support OMA SyncML DS over OBEX ?
A.:  OMA DS 1.1 (WBXML) is supported over OBEX since Nokia 6810, 6820 and 2nd Edition. Nokia 6650, 6651 and 7600 do not seem to have it. Some (Nokia 6220 and 7200) support server alerted sync (OBEX?): Menu > Organiser > Sync > PC sync settings. The OMA DS service is advertised in Bluetooth and USB CDC WMC. Several older models do not support USB CDC WMC because they have no direct USB interface (DKU-5/CA-42 and no DKU-2/CA-53/CA-70 data cable). Other OBEX Bluetooth services gain no access to SyncML and there is no support for AT+CPROT=0. There is no IrDA indication for SyncML, however, there is an outdated IrMC Level 3 service indication. Within IrDA use the default IrOBEX service.

Q.:  How to start OMA DS over OBEX ?
A.:  OBEX recommends to send the first PUT packet with type and length but no body headers. Then the server answer with a Continue and the client sends all body headers. When everything was send, the last packet contains only an empty end-of-body header. This allows the recipient to abort an OBEX operation at any time. However, the first revisions of Nokia’s implementation require the SyncML element Final in the end-of-body OBEX header, otherwise the Nokia OBEX server will not respond any more. Furthermore, no warning or similar should be displayed on the Nokia screen otherwise a OBEX response of 0xC3 is returned.

Q.:  Is OMA DS used by car-kits like Nokia 810, Nokia 610, or Nokia 616 ?
A.:  No, IrMC Level 2 and an own service: Symbian models require an application which adds this L2CAP (neither OBEX/GEOP nor RFCOMM/SPP) based service (UUID: 00005001-0000-1000-8000-0002EE000001). This service is present on Series 30 (after a firmware update) and Series 40 phones. OMA DS is used in their PC Suite.
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