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Q.:  Does Nokia Series 80 support OMA SyncML DS over OBEX ?
A.:  OMA DS 1.1 (WBXML) is supported over OBEX since 2nd Edition (Nokia 9500, 9300 and 9300i). It is advertised in Bluetooth and USB CDC WMC. Other OBEX Bluetooth services gain no access to SyncML and there is no support for AT+CPROT=0. As with S60 there is no IrDA indication for SyncML and the default OBEX service does not give any access to SyncML. Furthermore, the server database source paths and even the server ID URI are fixed. It is possible to overcome this, by creating a new profile in Menu > Tools > Sync > Options > New sync profile. However, adjusting such a setting manually is not deployable for end-users. Perhaps it would be possible to create such a new profile via OMA CP via WAP Push, nevertheless, it does not work via OBEX. Use the default PC Suite profile: XML, WBXML.

Q.:  Which databases are supported ?
A.:  Contacts, calendar, email messages and SMS. The latter is not enabled in the default PC Suite profile. You have to create your own profile to sync those. There is no support for notes. Furthermore, the MIME media types are case sensitive and using them wrong will hang the Nokia. The above example contains the correct ones.

Q.:  Is it possible to start the SyncML session from the Nokia ?
A.:  Yes, this is possible in S60 and Series 80. However, the menu item for this is quite hidden: Menu > Connectivity or Tools > Sync > PC Suite > Sync. All you have to make sure is to register a OMA SyncML DS service (Server) in your device. Have a look at the API of your Bluetooth software stack how to do this: Microsoft Windows, Broadcom BTW (Widcomm), IVT Bluesoleil, Toshiba (> FAQ > last question), AVM BlueFRITZ! (as of writing there is no known SDK or API, however, version 2 is Microsoft compatible), Apple Mac OS X, …
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